Did you know, draught proofing your home can save you £30 a year.
Installing Cavity Wall Insulation could save you £130 a year.

"I have no doubt that we will be successful in harnessing the sun's energy... If sunbeams were weapons of war, we would have had solar energy centuries ago."

- Sir George Porter (1973)

Services we offer:

Pipe insulation

Do you get a cold blast from your hot taps? It means the water in the pipes between the tap and the boiler has cooled since your last rinse. Insulating pipes stops them losing heat through contact with cold air. In addition to saving you money in your fuel expenses it could also save up to 70kg of CO2 each year.


Cavity wall insulation

The UK's 21 million domestic dwellings are responsible for 27% of the nation's total CO2 emissions. Because more heat is lost through a property's walls than from anywhere else, installing cavity wall insulation can make a big difference. In a large, detached house the energy saved can be in excess of 40%. All our installations carry a 25 year guarantee. <more>




Draught proofing

By installing draught proofing you could save around £30 a year on your heating bills and reduce your emissions by around 150kg of CO2 each year. Examples are doors, windows, letterboxes, loft lids and disused chimneys



Loft insulation

Don't let your heating bills go through the roof

If your loft isn't insulated, then you're spending good money just to keep birds' feet warm. Even if it is, have you thought about the savings you could make by improving it?

Without loft insulation, as much as 25% of your heating goes through the roof every year.

Already got insulation? Well, you're getting warmer - but more than six million homes in the UK have 7.5cm of insulation or less in their lofts. Topping it up could still save more than 260kg of CO2 and leave you with another £30 or so a year in your pocket. <more>

Solar power

SolarTwin is surprisingly affordable and is uniquely simple. Using no mains power, it heats water direct, without the use for antifreeze. Old solar equipment burns mains electricity in its pumps and solar panel controls. But Solartwin's solar pump is 100% solar powered. Solartwin panel's can also be used for heating swimming pools.

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