Pitched Roofing


Natural Slate

Slate is an excellent roofing material, for centuries it has attractively covered roofs and prevented water ingress into roof structures and living spaces.

Slate is strong and durable, chemically inert, non-combustible, non-porous and doesn't warp, shrink or rot.

Origin of slates we use

  • Wales
  • Cumbria
  • Spain
  • Canada

Natural states have a life expectancy of up to 200 years and need to be used on a roof structure and on other roofing materials that posses a similar life expectancy.

Buildings regulations allow up to 70 degrees.



Cement Fibre Slate

Many tile manufacturers now make artificial slates formed from reconstituted slate or concrete alternatives. They have certain advantages over the natural product:

  • Attractive, more uniformed appearance
  • Lightweight to reduce roof loading
  • Easy to cut and fix
  • Cost-effective compared to natural slate





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Roofing Shingles are suitable for use on almost any building, temporary or permanent, domestic or commercial, including chalets, summer houses, beach huts and sports pavilions. They can also be used for vertical cladding on houses and flats.


Icopal Roofing Shingles have a reinforced heavyweight glass fibre base coated with oxidised bitumen and an upper surface coated with coloured mineral granules. They are supplied in strip form and are available in three shapes with a variety of colours.







Four Seasons Roofing Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and experience in metal roofing and cladding. With over 25 years experience we can offer free and comprehensive advice.


options include-

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Aluminium

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